Wednesday, November 7, 2007

G-d would like to say something...

I've said before that I talk to G-d, as should you, from that place He speaks to us, in our conscience and through the kaleidoscope of us.

So, in talking with Him recently, I've decided to put out some stuff He wanted to say as if He was speaking right from my fingertips at the keyboard here.

Here's the first thing He wanted to say.

G-d: Hi. I just want to stop by for a minute and, really, stop bowing. I appreciate it, really, but it gets in the way of you listening to me.


I wanted to say, today, and I've said it before but most of you don't hear me because well... I made you in my image so you seem to want to mimic me and when I do it you do it and you can't hear me apologizing over your apologizing.

That's what I wanted to say. I'm sorry.

I didn't mean to make things as painful as they are, and well, it sort of turned out that way. I know, most of you don't blame me completely and you really understand that phrase that suitepotato uses, which I won't repeat because he is the cranky curmudgeon and not me. Stuff happens so to speak.

Though we all know it, it still needs to be said. I'm sorry. Really. I know that in making you like me you're as hurt as I am and even more frightened some times. I know that with the invention of free will and spiritual autonomy that I have effectively self-limited my powers of intervention in ways that you understand easily.

I ask you to trust me, when I tell you, that I am not lying, not covering up anything, and totally honest... I am aware of the situation and am on the job. I have help ready where ever I can put it, and it's there if you want it. For starters, you could simply ask me.

Really. I am happy to listen and even suitepotato's yammering hasn't stopped me. You can talk to me any time, any place, just say hello and I will be glad to help wherever I can. Not through suitepotato or any priest or rabbi, though if you need the help of someone else who realizes I'm here because you're afraid, that's cool. I love entertaining groups. All of you are welcome.

If you're in jail or in the hospital, on a bike or in a canoe, or you are penniless or wealthy, no matter when, it is never too late. I never close. I never take a vacation. Well, I can, but I do it at the same time because for me what makes me happy and restful is knowing that you're talking to me just like you feel so much better when you're acknowledged.

See? My image. Apple does not fall far from the tree.

Just one thing. I can't guarantee you'll understand any more than I do or that you'll like the answers, but I'm willing to work with you to understand. Maybe life won't hurt so much if we work together.

That's all. I'm sorry life is scary and painful sometimes, and I am here for you and you can talk to me any time.

See? I told you He was a cool deity.

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