Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Chief Atheist Christopher Hitchens: Not So Harmless or Principled

Christopher Hitchens and the racist Jewish court | Jerusalem Post

Go ahead, read it. I dare you.


e-kvetcher said...

This demagoguery never ends:


e-kvetcher said...

link got screwed up.
Here it is

-suitepotato- said...

You know that excuse that small children have, that sort of, "well, (insert child here) did it? Why not me?"

To this you answer back about bridges and jumping off same.

THAT is the sort of naive willful ignorance of people when they hold up extremist charedi as representative of Judaism back for decades and centuries past WHEN THEY WEREN'T.

As I mentioned on a reply to one of Yoni/Halfnutcase posts, cherem was so overused during the chasidim versus mitnagdim years that it became irrelevant. Moving forward to this day, you can be as absurdly extreme as you want and two things result: those who would otherwise wish to be religious Jews are turned off and (this point I mentioned there) others see them as silly and as negatively reflecting on the faith.

Atheists of today are the foremost danger zone for this making of Judaism look stupid. They will seize anything, invent if they need to, so giving them anything documentable which they can twist is very big VERY BAD THING®©.

Unfortunately, the rabbinate in Israel is presently sliding down the Teflon coated and oil slicked slope towards that fanatic crowd to the delight of people like Hitchens.

My take: either Christopher Hitchens is alive because my belief in G-d is a good thing and G-d is telling people not to kill him... or he's only alive because no one has gotten around to killing him. You either have a system with a pressure release valve named G-d where there's a higher power to save us from stronger forces we'd normally perish before under the law of the jungle, or there's no higher power and the only thing that separates my view that I want to live from someone else's that I should die is which of us is stronger and faster to get his way.