Friday, February 29, 2008

Masthead change...

Previously, I wanted to express how I seem to a lot of people. Functional, but out of place.

Now, I want to express an idea forming in my mind and namely a similarity between quantum mechanics and human realism when it comes to religion. You can't know if something is true or not until you check, and wait! Do you really want to look? If you do and the result isn't what you wanted, will you be honest enough to admit it? Will you perceive it correctly or incorrectly to begin with? Are you a depressive cynical sort or an optimistic bouncy sort?

As Douglas Adams pointed out, faith is often beliefs that not only can't be proven, but might well be disproven by any attempt at proving them.

In line with the fanatic BAC/BAJ stereotype problem, what do you do when the appearance is that you were wrong? Redouble your efforts anyhow? Turn away? Chart a third course?

Therefore I ask a question soon to be my next masthead...

What Is The Third Choice?

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