Friday, May 2, 2008

High Rabbinic Court: Annul conversions | Jerusalem Post


In an unprecedented decision, the High Rabbinical Court of Israel has called to invalidate all conversions performed since 1999 by Rabbi Haim Drukman, the head of the Conversion Authority.

The decision was made after the court rejected an appeal of a ruling by Ashdod's Regional Rabbinical Court rendering a woman's conversion invalid.

In a 50-page decision, a panel of three high court judges ruled that all conversions conducted since 1999 by Rabbi Drukman - who heads the Conversion Authority - and another rabbi, must be declared invalid.

They also ruled that it was permitted to retroactively cancel the conversion of someone who does not observe the Sabbath.

High Rabbinic Court: Annul conversions | Jerusalem Post

Emphasis mine.

Oh this was good too:

Out of extra caution, her husband was also added to the list of illegal marriages despite his being a Jew by birth.


Meanwhile, conversion rates AWAY from Judaism continue to climb unabated, observance continues to fall, Baalei Teshuva continue to drift away after a fitful start of observance, and conversion rates TO Judaism are... anyone?

Next up, born Jews will be excommunicated officially by the state of Israel for not being shomer shabbos.

Way to go rabbis! What a great decision!

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