Friday, January 9, 2009

Rabbi Shlomo Brady on head coverings for men...

Ask the Rabbi: The way you wear your hat | Judaism | Jerusalem Post

For me, it's a silent visual method of identifying your affiliation, like Christians wearing crosses. Important more for cultural commonality than keeping G-d from seeing your scalp, and I think that's the reason G-d would say to do it. Strengthen the community with commonality in action.


Humble wife said...

As of late I believe that my skirts and dresses reflect the same, although instead of being a Jew, a Christian.

Silly something so small as an item of clothing or in your case a covering speaks long before you ever say a word.

-suitepotato- said...



When I was growing up Catholic, skits were strictly frowned upon for the girls. Dresses that went to the ankles were de rigeur, along with a full slip, bloomers, and panties below that. My sister got away with jeans because they were equally covering if not equally obscuring due to our growing up in a project.

But my grandmother wore that growing up and it never did her any harm as she once said. Of course, the same woman gave me a selection of dirty joke books for my thirteenth birthday with a mischievous smile too.

Just make sure that if you go to a born again barn raiser, you know where they have everyone arms raised pumping grace, that you make sure you wear long sleeves. I remember the hairy armpits, and the sweaty armpits at one of those things in like 79 or so my mother dragged me off to in her searching for G-d phase...


Particularly bad if your father is wearing a short sleeve button down and has the body temperature regulating ability of a Stegosaurus and eats spicy food a lot. Whoa.