Thursday, February 26, 2009

It's been an interesting day...

Well, my day has been very different.

For starters, my car died last night. The garage looked at it this morning and it was hopeless without an engine rebuild. The block and head are fine. It's everything else that is more or less fubar.

My other car being off the road already due to its own set of fixable albeit very expensive problems, I am left without wheels.

The say you have to look at what you still have. I have my home. I have my wife. I have her mother. I have our dogs and cats. I have my health, what there is at my age. My job is only the next town over and I can walk the distance in under two hours easily.

Then you have to look on the bright side. The money I was prepared to spend had the engine not been a loss was far more than the couple hundred I spent on a really nice mountain bike which will get me to work in under one hour. I save money on gas for a few weeks to two months which is what I estimate it will be before we can arrange a trade-in for a cheap used vehicle.

I will lose some weight which was of growing importance to me recently as it happened anyhow.

All through this, G-d was at my side, behind me, right in front of me, you name it, wherever He needed to be, wherever I needed Him, before I needed Him, he was there. Every time I wanted to cry, G-d told me it was fine. Every time I wanted to scream, G-d made me laugh and shrug. Every time I felt like I didn't know where all this was going, G-d said go with it.

Somehow some way I know that G-d will be with me. I've been given another chance to get my house in order after falling asleep at the switch on a few things I took little notice of. I can't say that will never happen again, but I can say I hear His voice a little louder now, and it's not frightening. It's warm and wonderful in a way I cannot possibly do justice to.

I'm riding the fate train again, getting back on the rails, and taking the track He needs me on. For so long, I've missed that. It's good to be back.

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