Thursday, April 9, 2009

What am I doing online on Passover?

Well as you know, for me keeping arrangements agreed to supersedes tradition. That is, if the agreement is not in violation or was made before you became obliged to the tradition, law, etc. I agreed to work any hours, any days, before conversion. So I keep my first obligation. It would be selfish to demand slack to be cut to me now as they didn't know at the time I'd be moving towards religiosity and neither did I.

Rest assured my next job will be availability of Sunday through Thursday except for religious days.

Of course, I don't view my job as work so much as torture and G-d never said you can get out of that for observances. If so, then the fiction of sale of chametz would have a matching sort of fiction with regard to marriage and you don't see anyone willing to take your wife please, which explains Henny Youngman's joke.

I wasn't paying attention and fasted on the Taanit Bechorot completely by accident. Then got dizzy and fell down and it became clear for the sake of continuing to draw breath I'd have to eat something.

And stop walking around.

So I drank some fluids, had something light, and tried to remember what we were doing for dinner. My wife suggested shrimp wrapped in bacon dipped in cheese sauce, her mother suggest an On-Cor frozen dinner of ribs. I gave them both an icy stare and did the shopping myself.

So now I'm munching on marshmallows and trying not to smack my head on the desk over the fact that our haggadah had coupons, coming free from the supermarket as it did.

No, I didn't mistakenly read the sales to my family.

Well, I better get back to the suffering. I hope all are doing well.

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