Monday, December 31, 2007

My literary recommendation of the moment: Marcus Aurelius' Meditations

Meditations (Penguin Classics)
by Marcus Aurelius

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Read an online version here, but I recommend buying a book copy to own.

Read the Wikipedia entries on stoicism, Marcus Aurelius, and Meditations.

This is one of the works that I got into and still haven't gotten out of yet, before I made the choice to convert. It is without a doubt for me one of the top five most important philosophical works ever. It sets forth and embodies ideas that I cannot properly express through any short words of my own, which I try to use to govern my trek into the world of religion and faith.

This and Hagakure as I earlier referenced would be the top two I want to propose be read by Orthodox and other Jewish religious seekers. There's a serene calmness possible in all human endeavors, even those of warriors and emperors. Perhaps you can find some for yourself to master your worries in these.

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