Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Another good quote

Taken from the Internet Movie Database at, from the quotes section of their entry for Kevin Smith's excellent movie, Dogma.

Serendipity: I have issues with anyone who treats faith as a burden instead of a blessing. You people don't celebrate your faith; you mourn it.

While this was directed at an erstwhile and lost Catholic, it applies to others, ahem, as well. You know who you are. The difference between the blessing and the burden is the difference between freedom and slavery. G-d didn't make you to be a slave to anyone, not even and in fact especially not Him. He didn't make us aware of Him to bring us down and make us heavy. Neither need you tighten your chumras and redefine terms to make pain into pleasure like a flagellating masochist.

As the song goes, "don't worry... be happy. Be happy now..." Tags: ,,,

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