Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Over on, this Hot Potato was thrown...

Israel should turn to France now. Times have changed. The US is becoming weak' | Jerusalem Post

Turn to France. America thinks big and talks big, but when it is time for action, they retreat. They are the ones who are cowards now. Israel should turn to France now. The French President is pro-Israel and he has a drop of Jewish blood. Times have changed. The United States of America is becoming weak and the Arabs are aware of this.

By this rationale, it is better to let your beloved shade tree die during a drought because it proves the tree weak and scrub is encroaching. Sheer idiocy. You carry water to the tree and nurse it through the bad times. You enjoy the shade during the good times. If it grows a way you dislike, you place stakes and wires to hold it upright. You trim the grass about it and make sure it is treated specially so you have it for the summer.

Whoever posted that silliness seems tragically unaware of recent French history vis-à-vis World War II and France's capitulation, nevermind France's "screw the world" attitude when it comes to international concerns over their spreading of nuclear materials and technologies such as to Saddam Hussein's Iraq because as we all know it was the evil superhuman mastermind George W. Bush who utilized time travel to make ties with Saddam during the Iraq-Iran War and no one else ever was involved with propping that regime up... No, no one at all...

If Israel hitches their wagon to France, they might as well slap England across the face pimp-style on top of it, and whiz on America's leg to top it off. Of course to effectively do that, they'd have to ally with Al Queda and give them assistance with the insurgency in Iraq and wouldn't that be amusing.


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