Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Today's Thanks

In no particular order:

  • The little bit of ego kneecapping earlier when the whole office Halloween thing came and went before it started and left me with no opportunity to do my whole werewolf growl that I was coincidentally all set for thanks to a sore and ragged throat. All that build-up and total lack of cathartic release. It caused me to get angry, grumble to myself, go surfing, and come across some neat stuff on the Internet instead of what would have been honestly a total let-down no matter how great an idea it seemed the night before.
  • An end to today's stomach issues in conjunction with the above. I was so flummoxed I didn't even notice that I drank down my whole coffee for the first time in a week or so without issues.
  • The free Chinese meal. I really never did know sesame chicken was okay for me to eat. Really.
  • My water fountain working again.
  • My car still working.
  • My wife instant messaging me much earlier than she usually does.
  • The energy to talk to Him. I really didn't feel much like it because he was in such a gloating mood, with the sh*t-eating grin in His voice today. I know He only gets that way because He expects I will laugh with Him the way people laugh with people laughing at them when they do a real boner like falling in a pool after acting like a fool. Seen America's Funniest Home Video? That sort of thing. Problem is, I still don't know what it was I was being a ditz with that was so amusing to Him.
Well, I also co-sign myself on all the other things I've thanked Him for before because they are still good.

He is still chuckling by the way. I feel like I have spinach in my teeth or something. Tonight should be interesting so I will say thanks to Him in advance to whatever break in the monotony He's going to provide tonight that teaches me something.

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