Friday, November 2, 2007

So you want to learn Hebrew...

Okay… This is sort of what someone whose first language is English is up against.

g sry nvs dn rcs rF

Can't understand? Let me put the vowels in.

oga sraey neves dna erocs ruoF


Four score and seven years ago

Uh, yeah...


Jacob Richman said...

You may want to check out this free audio site with over 1,700 Hebrew words and phrases:


Kendra said...

(grins wryly) it is hard. I've been concentrating for a year on just reading it phonetically. I don't even want to think about memorizing vowel permutations yet.

I said to Rabbi once "I _hate_ the sh'va!" he looked puzzled "You hate a vowel???" "do you know how hard it is to give a short grunt that still has a definable and consistent tone to it?"

-suitepotato- said...

jacob: I have been very discombobulated (official word according to my mother-in-law) and not gotten around to putting in the links I use a lot and yours IS one of them. I will be putting a blurb in the blog about it soon.

kendra: Loltastic! I had a similar experience in first grade when I deduced that ghoti could be used for fish IF you used the local rules established for the words from which the usages came. Naturally, years of running battles with my English teachers followed involving e. e. cummings and so on. Teachers don't like being reminded of rules broken by their sacred cows. Nevermind where they tried Finnegan's Wake and I asked color and flavor the quarks were and started a yelling match between my English and science teachers.