Friday, October 26, 2007

Embracing Judaism arrived at my door

Right on schedule it arrived during the early afternoon and my wife called me to exclaim, "uh, your book is here." Well, not exclaim so much as say it. For her, after this week of that special time in every woman's month, it was an exclamation.

This is the first book to come up on the section of The Rabbinical Assembly's conversion resources page. By Simcha Kling, it looks to me to be an excellent read ahead of me.

What you may be wondering is the book that has been my guide till now? The Jewish Way by Rabbi Irving Greenberg. If you read this book, then you know how much more I am tortured by being at work on Shabbat.

Of course, I should probably take the time in the interim to get my house in order and worthy of celebrating there.

Did I give away the movement? Yes, our synagogue is conservative as will I be. Now you know.

I will finish the rest of my story from yesterday no earlier than Sunday. Something that important can wait. Nighty-night all!

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