Thursday, October 25, 2007

How welcome is G-d at your place?

Picture this. You get off the bus or out of the car. You trudge up the steps to your door, and inhale deeply as you walk across the threshold, getting a good whiff of that smell that tells you this is your place. You take in the ambiance, all the familiar things and decorations, and you note the temperature briefly as you drop your things by the door and make for the kitchen. There you head right for the refrigerator and open it, grabbing at once your favorite beer and the other half of a sandwich you forgot to take to work. The wife is out, the kids at their friends' homes, and you have the living room to yourself. You head for the couch and well deserved rest, kicking off your shoes and laying back, to enjoy your drink and snack.

How comfortable did you feel? Did you feel supremely comfortable and at rest? Were you completely at ease with everything? Good. Now then, is G-d as comfortable and at ease in your place as this?

If not, why not?

Goodnight. ;)

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