Friday, October 26, 2007

Two sites I recommend for learning Hebrew

Instant Hebrew and Starting With Aleph

In fact, if you sign with the first, you may very well get a discount on the second. I did it the other way around and got the second one first, then discovered the first one.

Both are well worth the cost. For paper study materials, I hesitate to suggest Hebrew for Dummies as I've gotten not as much out of it as I need, but have gotten much more than expected from the best Hebrew-English dictionary you will find anywhere, the Webster's New World Hebrew Dictionary.

Just beware that there are many words especially those from the Yiddish side of the history, that will not be found there. In that case, Google!

Now then, back to the sites.

The first I signed on for and have been watching the content on and off for some weeks now, when I have time. You might be a little apprehensive, and dubious when you see the way the instructor draws the characters, but if it makes you feel better, buy a graph lined pad, and write the block letters that way. A chisel point calligraphic pen can help. I did this myself.

Right now my goal is to get through the entire aleph-bet, able to write them out in block script by hand and name them and their sounds by heart. I just have to remember to do it right to left.

The other site has available and excellent program called Starting With Aleph. It will go over the sounds of each letter, present you with opportunities to identify the correct letter, and also comes with a pleasant midrash for each of the four lessons.

I will put in more links and whatnot from my on-going education here as time goes by.

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