Thursday, October 25, 2007

Welcome to On the road with YKW

Here in this blog I will attempt to put down the religious ramblings, theological thoughts, and spiritual chatter of my mind or what I think is my mind.

You are invited to follow along as I walk the road with my favorite pain in the behind, G-d. He is my sideseat driver, my ethical GPS system given speech capabilities, and more. Yes, He talks to me, just like you, in the conscience He gave. If you let Him, He'll run with it and through the kaleidescope of you, will be your personal adviser, companion on your travels, comparison shopper of the market of souls, and court jester. He will pick you up when you are down, and will set you down when you are way too up.

Yup, He's my copilot, navigator, and hijacker all in one. "I want to go to the movies this weekend."

"And who's going to mow the lawn during that three hour free time in between everything else you have to do? You don't trust your wife to do it..."

"Alright, I'll watch it online later then."

"We really have to talk about trading one bad thing for another."

"I have no doubt you will whether or not I'm listening."

"I love you too."

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